Kevin & Robyn’s Exotic Bali Destination Wedding


Kevin and Robyn’s wedding has got to be one of the most memorable and exciting weddings that I photographed of 2014 … and what a way to round up the year, to be asked to shoot a wedding in Bali! Not only was I spending a week in paradise, I was getting to shoot an international, destination wedding with my friends! Think tropical gardens, rice paddies and warm sunsets on the beach. Robs planned everything out to the finest detail herself and pulled off an incredibly beautiful, intimate wedding. And the food! We ate so much of the sushi starters that we barely had room for mains which was pretty much anything your heart desired. I have to mention again that Robs and Kev were absolute champs – letting me coax them into balancing on stilts in the middle of a rice paddy, right next to an insanely busy street at rush hour! Those pretty green backed portraits were a bit risky to achieve, but as Robs said on the day – totally worth it! Thank you so much for picking me to capture your memories and create my own at the same time and get to experience the magic that is Bali. Congrats to the beautiful couple, hope you enjoy these all the way over in Brisbane, Australia ❤


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Big thanks to the team that helped put everything together from the Bride and Groom:
Venue: Villa Avalon, Seminyak, Bali
Wedding Planner – Sari Astini, Bali Memorable
Cake – Ixora Cakes, Kuta – Bali (Lemon flavoured with a white chocolate and lemon ganache filling) – It was the wedding cake that was the catalyst for the wedding colours – aqua and coral orange. I saw a picture on Instagram of a cake that I just loved. I sent it to the Cake supplier and they were happy to match the design. It was spot on!! Can send you the pic from instagram if you like?Dress – Karen Willis Holmes
Caterer – Amazing Bali Catering, Seminyak, Bali
Entertainment – Local Balinese Rindik music (during the canapes)
Hair and make-up – Glo Day Spa, Bali
Wedding Invitations – Tani du Toit, The Art  Studio, Sunshine Coast
Rings – Stephen Dibb Jewellery, Brisbane