NOURISH [winter skin and body care]

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It’s important to change your routine as soon as you notice even slight differences to it. I got in touch with Jacqui from Accentuate Hair and Makeup to get some tips to nourish ourselves this winter, this is what she had to say.

As your skin loses more natural oils and becomes drier and dehydrated you will need to compensate by changing your skincare routine.

Even if you are oily, you will still need to ensure your skin is well cared for and nourished. Oily skins will benefit from a lotion rather than a cream.

Drier and more mature skins will need to change to a heavier duty cream and of course eye and face serums. Remember to keep you lips nice and hydrated too, lipstick never looks good on dry lips.

Exfoliate twice a week to get rid of all the dead skin and allow your nourishing products to sink in – this goes for face and body.

Up your water intake, a well hydrated body really does plump out the fine lines and enhance your natural glow.


I have more to tell you on this subject, including some incredible MAC products and natural ways to nourish your skin and body. Keep an eye out for my next Nourish post.



Hair & Makeup: Jacqui from Accentuate

Model: Leigh Thompson from Models International


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