Mr & Mrs Neel

IMG_4759_7879 IMG_3761_5975 IMG_3753_5967 IMG_3747_5961 IMG_3743_5957 IMG_3742_5956 IMG_3741_5955 IMG_3738_5952 IMG_3726_5940IMG_3808_6019 IMG_3846_6051 IMG_3842_6049 IMG_3837_6045 IMG_3836_6044 IMG_3835_6043 IMG_3833_6041 IMG_3829_6037 IMG_3821_6032 IMG_3816_6027 IMG_3809_6020 IMG_3849_6053IMG_3863_7009 IMG_3871_7017 IMG_3875_7021 IMG_3878_7024 IMG_3886_7032 IMG_3888_7034 IMG_3890_7036 IMG_3867_7013 IMG_4032_7175 IMG_4029_7172IMG_4019_7162IMG_4021_7164 IMG_4014_7157 IMG_4010_7153 IMG_4007_7150IMG_4122_7263 IMG_4174_7315 IMG_4168_7309 IMG_4165_7306 IMG_4154_7295 IMG_4150_7291 IMG_4145_7286 IMG_4139_7280 IMG_4136_7277 IMG_4127_7268IMG_4224_7364IMG_4229_7369IMG_4241_7381IMG_4245_7385 IMG_4268_7408 IMG_4263_7403 IMG_4316_7455IMG_4357_7496IMG_4362_7501IMG_4363_7502 IMG_4750_7870 IMG_4743_7863 IMG_4725_7845 IMG_4711_7831 IMG_4699_7819 IMG_4684_7804 IMG_4673_7793 IMG_4666_7786 IMG_4662_7782 IMG_4656_7776 IMG_4647_7767 IMG_4634_7754 IMG_4632_7752 IMG_4621_7741 IMG_4617_7737 IMG_4613_7733 IMG_4603_7723 IMG_4588_7708 IMG_4573_7693 IMG_4568_7688 IMG_4563_7683 IMG_4559_7679 IMG_4556_7676 IMG_4555_7675 IMG_4548_7668 IMG_4543_7663 IMG_4540_7660 IMG_4534_7655 IMG_4531_7653 IMG_4523_7650 IMG_4518_7649 IMG_4516_7648 IMG_4514_7647 IMG_4512_7645 IMG_4510_7643 IMG_4508_7641 IMG_4506_7639 IMG_4505_7638 IMG_4498_7631 IMG_4491_7624 IMG_4438_7577 IMG_4433_7572 IMG_4431_7570 IMG_4427_7566 IMG_4424_7563 IMG_4422_7561 IMG_4419_7558 IMG_4415_7554 IMG_4414_7553 IMG_4411_7550 IMG_4399_7538Michele and Ryan flew out from London to get married at Cranford Lodge in the Natal Midlands, just outside of Durban. It was a beautiful misty morning as you would expect which held out the whole day for us. It was such a beautiful, relaxed wedding full of laughter and and love. Thank you for having me be a part of your day, was so great getting to know you both, congrats again xx

Venue: Cranford Lodge
Second Shooter: Jenna Hattingh
Flowers – Jenny and Kim – from THE FLOWERSHED
Decor – Jenny and Kim – from THE FLOWERSHED
Cake – Jenny and Kim – from THE FLOWERSHED
Hair – Kendyl Mcpherson
Video – KCam Digital