Parc. Cafe [New Places to Eat]

This is Parc. Cafe, Glenwoods’ tastiest new eatery. If you haven’t already been, get down there, you will be welcomed by smiles, the smell of great coffee, free wifi and a homely ambience … so for now, feast your eyes on this.
394 Esther Roberts Rd, Glenwood, Durban
031-205 7285IMG_3446_8781_1IMG_2906_9558IMG_3280_8617IMG_3145_9489 IMG_3130_9474 IMG_3128_9472 IMG_3107_9071 IMG_3102_9066 IMG_3098_9062 IMG_3093_9056 IMG_3074_9038 IMG_3055_9019 IMG_3052_9016 IMG_3032_8997 IMG_3018_8982 IMG_2980_8944 IMG_2976_8940 IMG_2969_8933 IMG_2952_8916 IMG_2937_8901 IMG_2933_8897 IMG_2916_8880 IMG_2908_9560 IMG_2898_9550 IMG_2897_9549 IMG_2895_9547 IMG_2889_9541 IMG_2885_9537 IMG_2883_9534 IMG_2879_9531 IMG_2878_9530 IMG_2873_9527