Baby Badenhorst {baby bump}

IMG_8591_9800 IMG_8430_9640_1 IMG_8434_9644_1 IMG_8446_9656 IMG_8454_9665 IMG_8461_9671_1 IMG_8474_9684 IMG_8484_9694_1 IMG_8503_9713_2 IMG_8524_9734 IMG_8533_9744 IMG_8547_9757_1 IMG_8579_9789 IMG_8584_9795_1Nix, Andy and bubba Badenhorst spent a very chilled afternoon with me a few weeks back on Durban beach front. The light was amazing, everyone was relaxed and we had a lot of fun, (doesn’t hurt that the subjects were so damn pretty too.. hehe). Can’t wait to meet this little one in a few weeks time, watch this space … and good luck Nix and Andy!!!