Mr & Mrs Trinder

Wow, so much to say about this gorgeous wedding, it was an absolutely typical Winters morning in Notties i.e FREEZING, this resulted beautiful moody light during the day but sadly below freezing rainy weather in the evening. This meant that we had to cut the creative shoot a little short, which we then re-shot at a later time. The later images have a more editorial feel to them which I found really appealing in that they were clean and crisp and I found little ways to fill the negative space with intersting building details or reflections. Apart from the gorgeousness that is the bride and groom,  my  favourite thing about this wedding were the unique colours and decor elements, it was so different and really stunning. Loved every minute of this wedding and I will let the images do the talking. . .

Once again, HUGE congrats to Mr and Mrs Trinder – you guys look amazing, you powered through the cold and I can’t thank you enough for having me be a part of your special day.

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IMG_3875_7721IMG_3878_7724IMG_3885_7731IMG_3897_7743IMG_3895_7741IMG_3985_7826IMG_3892_7738 IMG_3890_7736 IMG_3901_7747 IMG_3902_7748 IMG_3913_7759 IMG_3924_7770 IMG_3945_7791_1 IMG_3949_7795_1 IMG_3977_7819 IMG_4007_7848_1

IMG_4140_7971 IMG_4152_7983 IMG_4170_8001 IMG_4173_8003 IMG_4253_8083 IMG_4255_8085 IMG_4266_8096 IMG_4277_8107 IMG_4288_8118 IMG_4386_8216 IMG_4395_8225 IMG_4404_8234

IMG_4130_7961 IMG_4454_8947 _MG_3147_0456 IMG_4481_8974 _MG_3164_0470 IMG_4532_9025 IMG_4546_9039 IMG_4569_9061IMG_4708_9195 IMG_4722_9209 IMG_4707_9194IMG_4745_8377 IMG_4769_8401 IMG_4773_8405 IMG_4795_8427 IMG_4804_8436 IMG_4805_8437 IMG_4809_8441 IMG_4830_8462 IMG_4832_8464 IMG_4867_8499 IMG_4887_8519 IMG_4891_8523 IMG_4892_8524 IMG_4893_8525 IMG_5197_8826 IMG_5225_8854 IMG_5238_8867 IMG_5258_8887 IMG_5273_8901 IMG_5322_9888 IMG_5351_9917 IMG_8316_3073 IMG_8320_3077 IMG_8338_3095 IMG_8339_3096_1 IMG_8420_3177 IMG_8440_3197 IMG_8471_3228 IMG_8516_3273 IMG_8526_3283 IMG_8531_3288_1 IMG_8546_3303 IMG_8566_3323 IMG_8577_3334 IMG_8578_3335_1 IMG_8584_3341_1 IMG_8595_3352 IMG_8615_3372 IMG_8643_3400 IMG_8656_3413 IMG_8765_3522 IMG_8803_3560 IMG_8912_3669 IMG_8943_3700 IMG_8976_3733 IMG_8997_3754 IMG_9011_3768 IMG_9116_3873

Big thanks to the “dream team” – such a pleasure to work with you all, hope we work together again soon!!

Second Shooter: Jenna Hattingh
Event Planning & Decor: Carolyn from Adore Weddings and Events
Video: James from James Gibbs Studio
Makeup: Bride did her own – Jacqui @ Accentuate Hair and Make-up
Venue (on the day) : Netherwood, KZN Midlands
enues on the post wedding shoots: Bellevue Restaurant, Kloof and other private Kloof residence gardens