Stripey Peach

IMG_0674_3643_1 IMG_0582_3553 IMG_0591_3186 IMG_0602_3197 IMG_0610_3205 IMG_0643_3238 IMG_0658_3253_1 IMG_0657_3252_1 IMG_0650_3245_1 IMG_0617_3212_1 This is part 1 of my Urban Fashion styled shoot, shot at Durban docklands redevelopment area.  This was one of my favourite looks with the soft feminine colour of the peach jacket paired with the bold stripe and edgy accessories.

Big thanks to the team for their energy and hard work, couldn’t have done it without ya 🙂

Styling: Camilla Gildinhuys @ Jane Wonder
Model: Leigh Thompson
Makeup: Kalleigh Wissing
Second Shooter: Jenna Hattingh
Lighting & Security: Gareth Cozens & Colin Masurik 😉