Joburg’s Darling on Never a Dull Moment

Today I (Studio KOVO) was featured on a local blog “Joburg’s Darling” and I couldn’t be more chuffed at the fabulous write up, not to mention all of the comments that followed. I’ve actually been rather blown away, fuel for the fire type of stuff … to all my “subscribers” and the people that view this blog, thanks for watching & reading and participating, I love it and I need it, please don’t stop. My photography is a continuously growing and developing “organic thing” which gives me great pleasure, drive and inspiration and am always looking for a different way to look at the same things.

I am about to post my much anticipated Enchantment shoot from Sunday (12th June) gone, weeks of planning and work went into this and I have a very organised and inspiring team to thank for this. I plan work on more of these types of projects and in doing so, push some boundaries. (sneak previewed on the Studio KOVO Facebook Page)

BIG love, K

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